Information in relation to guidelines at this stage of the pandemic

Over the last few days there has been a build up of media reports in relation to what was and was not going to happen in the light of the new rise in numbers of cases of Covid-19 and the strength of the delta strain of Covid-19. People have been asking the priests of the parish and the parish office about the celebration of the sacraments and liturgy and what was happening in relation to those from the beginning of July. The following is the information that we have here in the parish, coming from government to us through the bishop and has been shared with all the parishes in the diocese.

Masses, weekdays and Sundays, continue as they are at present.

Attendances at Funerals and Weddings remain at 50.

In relation to Baptisms, First Holy Communion ceremonies and Confirmation ceremonies, I quote the statement from government quoted by the bishop in his letter to us,

“It is advised that religious ceremonies such as Baptisms, First Holy Communions and Confirmations should not take place at this time. Further advice will follow on resumption of these ceremonies when it is safe to do so.”

Bishop Crean, wrote the following after that statement: “This is deeply disappointing for those who have planned celebrations for July. Those celebrations will now need to be deferred until further guidance directs it is safe to gather.”

Be assured that here in Midleton we are disappointed that we cannot give dates for these ceremonies to people at this time. When the guidance directs us that it is safe to celebrate, as soon as we have details, they will be published on all media platforms available to us: the Parish Website, the Weekly Bulletin, Facebook and the weekly notices at Masses. We are in the same position as our parishioners right now — we don’t know exact dates and times. However, with regard to First Communions and Confirmations, they will not be decided until September the earliest.