World Meeting of Families – Aug 21st – 26th

Registrations and Ticketing: RDS Pastoral Congress the registrations for the Pastoral Congress in the RDS are increasing each day. As of this week we can see that we have 29,000 registrations in the system for the Pastoral Congress. These are a mixture of one day and three day registrations. Of this figure we can see that we have large numbers of families who will there for one or three days and we can see that there will be more than 5,000 children present in the RDS. Registrations from within Ireland are increasing all the time and we are still looking at really good numbers from international attendees.

We no longer have the option for people to book a single day registration for the Friday (24th) in the RDS. This is due to the high numbers of registrations that we have for the Friday and that are continuing to come in. While we are very close to reaching capacity on the Friday, we can still offer people the option for the Friday as long as it is part of a booking for the full three days. There is also the possibility that we will have to close off one day only registration very soon for the Wednesday and the Thursday.

In light of the above numbers, it is important to encourage those whom you know wish to go to the RDS event to make their booking as soon as possible since there is every possibility that we will reach capacity for the RDS before the event begins in August.