Word Of Thanks for the Parish Mission

The week just gone saw us celebrate our Parish Mission, led by the Redemptorist Mission Team of Fr Laurence Gallagher, Fr Derek Meskell, and Ms Helena Connolly. It was a great occasion of grace for all of the parish, and our Masses and evening services were very well attended and wonderfully prayerful. We know as well that many people joined us in prayer through radio and television and were very much part of our Mission.

This Mission could not have happened without the help and support of many, many people, to whom we offer a word of thanks on behalf of all of us. They include the members of our parish council who developed the idea and worked very hard to bring it to fruition. Thanks are due to our caretakers, groundsmen, sacristans, altar servers, readers and Eucharistic ministers, organists, collectors, parish secretary, and to all who helped in any way to organise our ceremonies, including the lovely visual displays each night. We thank all those who loaned us equipment and expertise, as well as those who prepared the brochure and erected the striking road signs all around the town.

We thank our schools for welcoming the mission team so enthusiastically and for contributing to our liturgies, as well as the many children, plus the adults, who made the special effort to attend the 7am Mass throughout the week.

Thanks also to the priests who helped us during the reconciliation night, and to the ministers from other churches who joined us on the last night, as did Midleton concert band.

We wish to extend our gratitude and good wishes to the Redemptorist team who really made this a very special week for all of us and we wish them well in their future missions.

Finally, we thank everyone who participated in the Mission in any way. Your presence and your prayers made it all worthwhile and will no doubt bring abundant graces and blessings on our parish.