This year two ladies and their families feature on the Trocaire box and literature highlighting the difficulties so many people are trying to cope with in our world — Awut and Ajak from South Sudan. This is what it tells us on the side of the box — To flee brutal armed conflict in South Sudan, Awut gathered her beloved family. They ran for their lives. Days passed without food or water. By the time they reached safety, they’d lost nearly everything. Then Awut met another weary mother with even less. Awut welcomed Ajak and her children! Together the two mothers have forged a friendship and work tirelessly to make sure their families aren’t lost completely. But they are caught in poverty. Covid lingers, and the awful violence continues. Awut and Ajak are living in fear and it’s not just. The appeal made is ‘Please help families hurt by conflict to survive and thrive. Please give this Lent.