The Year of St. Joseph and Quote of the Week

St. Teresa of Avila had great devotion to St. Joseph. Teresa was responsible for great reform in the Carmelite Order and she would pray to him for guidance. At the beginning of her book ‘The Way of Perfection’ she opens with a prologue explaining the task that had been given to her by the sisters of one of the monasteries she had helped and it begins with this exclamation and sentence:

“Jesus! The sisters of this Monastery of St. Joseph, knowing that I have permission from Father Master Domingo Banez, of the Order of the glorious St. Dominic, who at present is my confessor, to write something about prayer, which I am supposed to be capable of doing, as I have conversed with so many spiritual and holy people, have pressed me so much to undertake this work, that I have decided to obey them.”