The Town Autumn Stations – 2017

Mon. Oct 2nd MAIN ST EAST: Distillery Walk, Roxboro Mews, Corabbey Court, Connolly Street, Dickinson’s Lane, School Land, Drury’s Avenue, Drury’s Lane, McDermott Street, College View, O’Brien’s Tce., Dungourney Road, Clonmult Tce., The Park, Lauriston Mews, Oliver Plunkett Place, Owenacurra Centre, Midleton Hospital, Suncourt Estate and Bromley Court.

Tues. Oct 3rd PARK ST.: Roches Tce., Michael Collins Sq., Lourdesville, Mannix Place, Tom Clarke’s Tce., Tim Daly’s Tce. SHOW – Field and Park: McSweeney’s Tce., Elm Grove; AVONCORE – Estate, Cottages, Place & Park, Forrest Hill, Brookdale, BROOMFIELD: Ridge, Court, West, Ard Na Corann, Meadowlands, Peatlands, Copperfields, Blueberry Court, Blueberry Field,Redwood Lane & Avenue, Poppyfields, Ivy Grove and Holly Grove

Wed. Oct. 4th MILL ROAD – Lower, Middle & Upper; Railway Crossing and Chalets, Mill Road – The Courtyard (Mill House), Mill Race, Millennium Court, The Crescent, Mill Brook – Avenue, Close, Drive, Court, Lawn, Mill Road (North of the railway line); Elsinore: Heights and Rise.

The town stations Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, will be celebrated in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Chapel at 7.30 p.m.

There will be no 11am Mass in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Chapel this week, due to Town Stations, also St. Pio Devotions are deferred until next month.