Questions and Answers

  1. The day after Pentecost is a feast day dedicated to Mary. Under what title?
  2. What was the date of the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II ?
  3. In the two readings written by St. John in today’s liturgy how often is the word ‘love’ or ‘loved’ mentioned?
  4. We are working through one of Pope Francis’ encyclicals ‘Fratelli tutti’. It is his third one. Pope Benedict XVI wrote three encyclicals. How many did Pope St. John Paul II write? 14, 16 or 18?
  5. Who is the patron saint of hopeless cases?

Answers for last week: 1. Nano Nagle, Catherine McCauley and Edmund Rice. The window is the one between the Sacristy door and the first confessional box on the sacristy side. 2. False. Moses died before they crossed over; 3. Four — Armagh, Dublin, Cashel and Tuam; 4. Pope John Paul I, 1978; 5. Matthias, whose feast day is this week.