Parish Pastoral Council

Another area that we need to remember in our prayers is the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC). Since the new one has come into being it has been looking at a few areas that we need to explore. The nature of the PPC is to look to where we would like to see development happening in the pastoral, faith life of the parish community. Different topics and ideas have been discussed and as we begin 2024 we hope to draw on some of that discussion and take the next step of looking at what we need to tackle and the best way of tackling the areas that are deemed necessary to deal with. As we enter that stage of the PPC’s work it could be quite possible that there would be sub-committees set up to look at particular topics. These committees would be formed of PPC members and parishioners who may have an interest in the topics that are to be looked at. So, keep the prayers up for the group and ask the Spirit to guide us. One other thing I would add to our thoughts in relation to the PPC and its work is that it is an example of what Pope Francis calls synodality. It is reflection, discussion and, in time, action in relation to the needs of the parish as a whole.