New appointments in the Diocese of Cloyne

My Dear People,

Planning for the future is part of our responsibilities in life. So too for the Church and the Diocese.

I am pleased to announce the new appointment of priests and lay people to leadership and pastoral care. I am grateful to all involved for their generosity and enthusiasm in embracing their new commitments.

These appointments take place shortly before Catholic Church representatives lay, religious and clergy gather for a Synod in Rome during the month of October. Pope Francis has convened this meeting to enable and empower parishes and communities to a more effective exercise of co-responsibility in leadership and pastoral care.

Along with other dioceses in Ireland and Church groups across the world, we in Cloyne seek to be part of this project of renewal and revitalisation. Like Pope Francis we yearn to share the “Joy of the Gospel” in order to let it speak to one another as we together journey in hope guided by the spirit of Christ Jesus Our Lord.

As a nation there are many signs that life is very difficult for many individuals and families. Many are under strain due to the cost-of-living increases. Addiction is rife — while alcohol is the most prominent, the proliferation of cocaine and other drug use is alarming. Clearly people at all levels of society including professions are consumers. Regulation and policing will only do so much. Personal maturity and moral awareness is required if we are to tackle these corrosive forces. We urgently need to discover a new well of spiritual consciousness to draw from if we, as individuals and families, are to live more wholesome and authentic lives.

The mission of the Diocese is to help one another to rediscover that well of inspiration and hope that comes from our shared prayer and practice. There are, in our parishes, committed priests, religious and parishioners who work with generosity to support all to know the joy and serenity that comes from belonging to one another in faith and in life. I ask especially at this time to reconsider your participation in and support of your own parish community. No less than the body needs care and nurture so too our souls.

With gratitude and prayerful best wishes to all who serve in our parishes and schools.

Yours sincerely,

Most Rev. William Crean, D.D.,
Bishop of Cloyne.