HSE Guidance re Coronavirus (COVID –19)

The HSE has issued guidance for preventing the spread of Covid19 during religious services as follows: On a general level, anyone who feels ill should not attend religious services. From a Church point of view, you are not obliged to attend Mass if you are sick or if you are concerned that you may spread any illness to others.

The HSE has also made the following recommendations:

  1. That holy water fonts be left empty.
  2. That the handshake at the sign of peace at Mass be suspended.
  3. That communion be distributed on the hand only, and not on the tongue.
  4. That only the priest receive from the chalice. Those who usually receive from the second chalice are asked to come to the sacristy before Mass to make suitable arrangements.

These recommendations will come into force across the diocese of Cloyne from today until further notice. We emphasise that the guidance has been issued by the HSE and we ask everyone to abide by them. As Christians we are obliged to act as responsible citizens and to have consideration for others. Please continue to pray for all affected by this virus and for all health workers.