From the Opening Address of Pope Francis to the Synod on Wednesday 4th October

From the Opening Address of Pope Francis to the Synod on Wednesday 4th October (what he directed towards the journalists):

I want to say that in this Synod — also to make room for the Holy Spirit — the priority should be to listen. This is the priority. We have to give a message to the press, to the journalists, who do very fine, very good work. We have to provide a communication that reflects this life in the Holy Spirit. This requires an asceticism — pardon me for speaking this way to the journalists — a certain fasting from public speech in order to ensure this. Let whatever is published be in this vein. Some will say — and are saying — that the bishops are afraid and that is why they don’t want the journalists talking. No. The work of journalists is very important. But we have to help them so that they can also speak of this journeying in the Spirit. More than speaking, the priority is that of listening. I ask journalists to please make this known to people, that they realize that the priority is to listen. During the Synod on the Family, public opinion, the fruit of our worldliness, [thought] that communion was going to be given to the divorced, and in that spirit we began the Synod. When we had the Synod for the Amazon, public opinion, pressure, [thought] that ‘viri probati’ were going to be [ordained], and we went in under that pressure. Now there is speculation about this Synod: “What are they going to do?”, “Maybe ordain women…” I don’t know, those are things they are saying out there. And it is often said that the bishops are afraid to talk about what is going on. For this reason, I ask you, members of the press, to do your work well, fairly, so that the Church and people of good will —other people will say what they will — can understand that also in the Church, listening has priority. Communicate this: it is so important.