Following Jesus

Following Jesus is the title of a book written by Fr. Henri J. M. Nouwen. He was a Dutch- born Catholic priest who taught at many U.S. universities, lived and served the poor in Peru before finally becoming pastor to the L’Arche Community in Toronto Canada. He wrote over 40 books on the spiritual life which were published in over 22 languages. His widely read books include ‘The Wounded Healer’ ‘Reaching Out’ and ‘The Way of The Heart’.

Jesus says, ’’Follow Me’’. In the Gospel we hear how Jesus speaks: “I have made my home in you so you can make your home in me’’ (John 15:4-8). Suddenly we realise that we are God’s home and we are invited to make our home where God has made his home. We realise that right where we are, right here in this body, we are the piace where God can dwell. Jesus wants us to become part of the intimate family of God. “Just as the Father loves me so I love you’’. To follow Jesus we have to be willing to say, “This half hour I am going to dwell with Jesus. I know I will be distracted. I know I will have a hundred thoughts and a million things to do. But I know you love me and invite me. I am going to dwell’’. Be with him and listen. Listen to the One who invites you. Be quiet. Waste time with Jesus. Slowly, we discover that we are building a home in the Lord and that we are in His house not just for the half hour but for the whole day. We are always in the House of the Lord. We are in a place of the Lord wherever we are, whatever we do. We are already home. Lord Jesus, help me to enter more deeply into your silence, where I can listen to you and hear how you call me and find the strength and courage to follow you. I ask you to be with me as I listen to your word and come to a deeper understanding of your mystery of calling me to follow you. Be with me now and always.

Following Jesus by Fr. H.J.M. Nouwen