Feasts This Week

Tuesday 20th: St. Bernard 1090-1153 – became a Cisterian Monk at Citeaux and was chosen Abbot of Clairvaux in 1115. He is the patron saint of Gibraltar and beekeepers.

Wednesday 21st: St. Pius X Pope 1835-1914-Cardinal Patriarch of Venice. As pope he encouraged pastoral liturgy and sacramental practice, especially of frequent communion, to which he admitted to young children.

Thursday 22nd: The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Pope Pius XII prescribed the feast for the universal Church at the close of the Marian Year 1954. It is placed on this date to stress the connection of Mary’s queenship with the Assumption.

Saturday 24th: St. Bartholomew Apostle. Preached the Gospel in India. Patron Saint of Plasterers, Tanners and Leather Workers.