Feast days this week

Wednesday 13th, St. Hilary of Poitiers (315-367) c.353 was elected bishop of Poitiers and distinguished himself in his stand against the heresy of Arianism. He was exiled by the emperor Constantius from 356 to 359 and used that time to write. One of his major works was a study of the Trinity.

Friday 15th, St. Ita, born in Co. Waterford into a Christian family and set her mind early on a religious life. Founded a monastery in Kilmeedy, Co. Limerick which attracted a great number of young people. she was given the title ‘foster-mother of the saints of Ireland’. She died in 570.

Saturday, 16th, St. Fursa: was born in Ireland, entered monastic life in East Anglia, together with two of his brothers. Because such great numbers of people visited him there, he headed to France around 644 and was given a hermitage at Lagny. He died c.650 and was buried in Peronne which be came a great centre of devotion to him.