Feast Days during the week

Monday 16th, St. Fursa was born in Ireland and became one of the great monastic missionaries abroad. He first moved to East Anglia but as great numbers continued to visit him there, he left and sought refuge in France around 644. A patron gave him a hermitage at Lagny on the Maine. He died about 650 at Mezeralles and was buried in Peronne, which became a great centre of devotion to him.

Tuesday 17th, St Anthony, abbot. Died 356. ‘Father of Monasticism’, lived a life of solitude but also attracted many others to form communities of hermits.

Friday 20th, St Fabian had been Pope for fourteen years when martyred in the persecution of Decius in the year 250. St Sebastian may have been a soldier and was martyred in the persecution of Diocletian. He sustained many others in their trials even as he prepared for his own death.

Saturday 21st, St. Agnes, wealthy and beautiful, was martyred for her virginity in the last persecutions in Rome, in the early fourth century. Patron of betrothed couples, gardeners and young girls.