Feast Days during the week

Monday 7th, St. Willibrord, born in Northumbria in 658, he entered the Benedictine Order and was sent to study at the monastery of Rath Melsigi, near Milford, Co. Carlow where he spent twelve years. After that he went with eleven companions to evangelize Frisia and established a mission at Utrecht. In 695 he was ordained Archbishop of Utrecht. He founded a monastery at Echternach in Luxembourg in 700, where he died in 739.

Wednesday 9th, The Dedication of the Lateran Basilica. The Lateran Basilica in Rome is ‘Mother and Head of all the churches of the City and the World’. It is the cathedral church of the bishop of Rome, and was called St. John after the two monasteries once attached, dedicated to St John the Apostle and St. John the Baptist. It is however dedicated to the Most Holy Saviour.

Thursday 10th, St. Leo the Great, elected Bishop of Rome 440, died 461, taught the two natures human and divine, of Christ at the Council of Chalcedon, 451 and the primacy of the See of Peter.

Friday 11th, St. Martin of Tours, 316-397, Bishop of Tours, apostle of rural Gaul (France), founder of monasteries. Patron saint of France, soldiers, beggars and innkeepers.

Saturday 12th, St. Josaphat, 1580-1623, Bishop of Polotz, worked for reunion of Ukrainian Catholics: but his murder by those who opposed it brought about many conversions.