Feast Days during the week

Wednesday 20th July, St Apollinaris, In the second century he preached the Gospel in the region of Ravenna. He was Bishop of Classis where he suffered martyrdom.

Thursday 21st July, St Lawrence of Brindisi, 1559-1619. Capuchin who preached the Counter-Reformation. He lead German armies against the Turks in Hungary and gained peace for the people of Naples.

Friday 22nd July, St Mary Magdalen, stood by the Cross of Jesus; with two other women she discovered the empty tomb; she was granted an appearance of the Risen Lord early the same day, from which incident she has been described as ‘the apostle to the apostles’. The gospels give no warrant for identifying her with the ‘woman who was a sinner’ who anointed Christ’s feet (Luke 7: 37) or with Mary the sister of Martha who also anointed him (Jn 12: 3).

Saturday 23rd July, St. Bridget of Sweden, Religious, Patron of Europe. She was born in Sweden in 1303. She brought up eight children, and after the death of her husband dedicated herself to an ascetical life. Later she founded the Bridgettine Order and lived in Rome. She wrote many works about her mystical experiences. She died in Rome in 1373. She was declared a Patron of Europe in 2000.