Feast Days during the week

Monday 11th, St. Benedict, c.480-547. After living as a hermit at Subiaco, he founded the monastery of Monte Cassino. His Rule, observed by Benedictines and Cistercians, is distinguished by its wisdom and balance and those who have lived by it did much to shape the Europe of today. Named patron of Europe in 1984.

Wednesday 13th, St. Henry, 973-1024. Duke of Bavaria and later emperor. A just ruler, humble man of prayer and reformer of the Church.

Thursday 14th, St. Camillus de Lellis, 1550-1614. Rough-tempered and a gambler in his early life as a soldier, he was converted at the age of twenty-five. Guided by St. Philip Neri, he became a priest and worked for the sick with two companions. His Servants of the Sick prospered and founded hospitals, especially where others would not go. Patron of nurses, hospitals and the sick.

Friday 15th, St Bonaventure, 1221-1274. Born in Tuscany, Minister General of the Franciscans, appointed Cardinal Archbishop of Albano, theologian of the Council of Lyons.

Saturday 16th, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, The Carmelite communities inherit the early hermits’ devotions to Elijah and his solitary prayer, and to Mary under this title of Mount Carmel.