Feast Days during the week

Monday, July 4th, St Elizabeth of Portugal 1271-1336, of the House of Aragon, had an unhappy marriage with the King of Portugal. She persevered in prayer and good works, and as a widow lived in poverty as a Franciscan tertiary.

Tuesday, July 5th, St Anthony Zaccaria, 1502-15639. Was a medical doctor before becoming a priest in Milan. He founded the Barnabites.

Wednesday, July 6th, St, Maria Goretti, 1890-1902, was stabbed to death in defence of her virtue. St. Monnine of Killeavy, was one of Ireland’s early women saints. She founded a community at Sliabh Gullian, Co. Armagh where they lived a hermetical life based on that of Elijah and St. John the Baptist. She died c.517.

Thursday, July 7th, St Maelruain, founded the monastery of Tallaght in 774 which introduced reform. Important liturgical and spiritual writings emerged from this movement known as the ‘Ceili De’ reform. He died in 792.

Friday, July 8th, Sz Kilian. Born in Mullagh, in the diocese of Kilmore. With eleven companions he left Ireland and became known as the ‘apostle of Thuringia and eastern Franconia’. He was put to death in 689 and his remains lie in Wurzburg. There is a strong devotion to him there and throughout the Bavarian countryside.

Saturday, July 9th, Ss. Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions. St Augustine Tchoo, born 1746, converted to Christianity, was ordained priest and martyred in 1815. The memorial celebrates 119 ‘companions’, martyred in China over several centuries but especially during the Boxer Rising.