Feast Days during the week

Monday 30th St. Fiacre travelled abroad to find a hermitage. He passed through Normandy and eventually met Faro, who was a great patron of Irish pilgrims at Meaux. Fiacre was given a hermitage near Breuil and there he stayed until his death around 670.

Tuesday 31st St. Aidan of Lindisfarne, of Irish descent and a monk of Iona. When Oswald the King of Northumbria had to take refuge he stayed in Iona and when he returned to his throne in 634 he invited Aidan to come to reconvert his people. Aidan made his headquarters at Lindisfarne. With the aid of the king as his interpreter he was very successful in his mission. He died in 651.

Friday 3rd September St. Gregory the Great, (540-604), pope and doctor of the Church. A Roman noble who was Prefect of the City before becoming a monk. As Pope he established a pattern for the Papacy in years to come. He was the first pope to use the title, ‘Servant of the servants of God’. He sent missions to Lombardy, Sardinia and London. Patron of musicians.

Saturday 4th September St. Mac Nissi. Oengus Mac Nissi took his name from his mother Cnes or Ness. It is claimed that Patrick baptised him and taught him the psalms. He chose the district of Connor for his hermitage, but later became bishop of his clan. He died early in the sixth century.