Feast Days

Monday 23rd, St John of Capistrano, 1386-1456, priest, studied civil and canon law and joined the Franciscan Order. A faithful servant of four popes, he attended the Council of Florence, went to Jerusalem as apostolic emissary, and, in 1451, set out on a preaching tour through the German provinces and Poland. In a battle at Belgrade, he contracted fever and died there. Patron saint of jurists and military chaplains.

Tuesday 24th, St Anthony Mary Claret, 1807-1870, bishop, founded the Claretians in Spain for missionary work. Archbishop of Santiago, Cuba, then returned as chaplain to the Queen of Spain, and built schools and museums, before Being exiled with the monarchy.

Wednesday 25th, Bl. Thaddeus McCarthy, bishop, (secondary patron of the Diocese of Cloyne) was born in 1455. His appointment as Bishop of Ross was opposed and Innocent VIII then appointed him Bishop of Cloyne and Cork. He set out as a humble pilgrim to Rome where he was confirmed as Bishop and on his return journey in 1492 he died at Ivrea in Italy.

Friday 27th, St. Otteran, monk, a descendant of Conall Gulban, is usually identified with Odhran who preceded Columba in Iona. His death is recorded in 548 and his grave was greatly revered in Iona. He was chosen by the Vikings as patron of the city of Waterford in 1096 and later patron of the diocese.

Saturday 29th, Ss. Simon and Jude, Apostles. The teaching of the apostles is the living gospel for all to hear. Their authority comes from their fidelity in Christ and his message. St. Jude is patron saint of hopeless cases.