Feast Days

Monday, 9th October, St John Henry Newman, was beatified by Pope Benedict on September 19th 2010, in a ceremony in Birmingham, England and he was canonised on 13th October 2019. The memorial is on the 9th October, the anniversary of his reception into the Catholic Church in 1845. The Church in Ireland is deeply aware of his gentle scholarship, deep human wisdom and profound love for the Lord. It also recalls his connections with Ireland. Though his project on the establishment of the Catholic University of Ireland didn’t quite materialise the way he would have hoped, his reflection on education was written in part when he lived in Dublin and has remained a vital contribution to an understanding of Christian education. Invited to Ireland in 1850, he became Rector of the Catholic University of Ireland in 1854 until his resignation in 1858. The Catholic University of Ireland became what we know as UCD.

Wednesday, 11th October, Pope St. John XXIII, born in Soto il Monte, diocese of Bergamo, 1881, taught in seminary, worked as a military chaplain in World War I, apostolic delegate in Bulgaria, later in Turkey and Greece, nuncio in Paris, became patriarch of Venice in 1953. He was elected Pope on 28th October 1958. Called the Second Vatican Council, which began on 11th October 1962 and he died on the 3rd June 1963.

Saturday, 14th October, St. Callistus I, after a life of slavery and imprisonment for criminal offences, was freed and became a deacon. He was put in charge of catacombs that bear his name. He became Pope in 217, and died at he hands of a mob in 222.