Feast Days

Tuesday 12th, The Most Holy Name of Mary; This feast was included in the Calendar in 1684 to celebrate the victory over the Turks at Vienna in 1683. Suppressed in the revision of 1969, it was restored as an optional memorial in 2002. St Ailbe, the annals note his death in 528. A tradition held that he went to Rome and was ordained bishop by the pope. He founded the monastery of Emly which became very important in Munster. A ninth-century Rule bears his name.

Wednesday 13th, St. John Chrysostom, bishop and doctor of the Church, 347-407, one of the four great Greek Doctors, the ‘Golden-mouthed’ preacher, was Archbishop of Constantinople. He incurred much opposition and died in exile. Patron saint of preachers.

Thursday 14th, The Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The discovery of the True Cross is dated to 14th September 320. On September 13, 335 the churches on Calvary were dedicated and the cross that St. Helena discovered was venerated there the next day. The annual commemoration of that event has been celebrated since, in praise of the redemption won for us by Christ.

Friday 15th, Our Lady of Sorrows. Mary, standing by the cross, ‘suffered intensely with her only begotten Son and unite herself as his Mother to his sacrifice, consenting with love to the offering of the victim who was ‘born of her’., whom she also offered to the eternal Father.’ (Marialis Cultus — Pope St. Paul VI’s document on Mary)

Saturday 16th, Ss. Cornelius and Cyprian. St. Cornelius became Pope in 251 and died in exile at Civitivecchia in 253. Patron for cattle and domestic animals. St. Cyprian, 210-258, was bishop of Carthage, a teacher and preacher, he was martyred in 258.