Feast Days

Tuesday 27th June, St Cyril of Alexandria, bishop and doctor of the Church. Born c.376 and died in 444, St. Cyril was patriarch of Alexandria, and was present at the Council of Ephesus in 431, which proclaimed Mary the Mother of God.

Wednesday 28th June, St. Irenaeus, bishop and martyr, lived just after the time of the apostles and knew those who had seen and talked with them. He became Bishop of Lyons, the largest trading centre in Gaul. The note of moderation, the desire to win people to Christianity by love rather than by fear, was apparent in all of Irenaeus’ work.

Thursday 29″ June, Ss. Peter and Paul. On the day traditionally considered in pagan Rome to be its foundation day by Romulus, we celebrate the twin founders of the Church in Rome. St. Peter died by crucifixion and St. Paul by beheading between 64-67.

Friday 30th June, The First Martyrs of Rome. In addition to Ss. Peter and Paul, the first Roman Christian martyrs were put to death during the reign of Emperor Nero.