Feast Days

Monday 29th May: Mary, Mother of the Church. From the cross Jesus entrusted Mary to his disciples as their mother and entrusted his disciples to Mary as her children. Mary, present with disciples at Pentecost, prayed with them as the Holy Spirit descended. Mary has never ceased to take motherly care of the pilgrim Church on earth.

Wednesday 31st May: The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Today’s liturgy recalls the ‘Blessed Virgin Mary carrying her Son within her’ and visiting Elizabeth to offer charitable assistance and to proclaim the mercy of God the Saviour.

Thursday, 1st June: St. Justin Martyr, was born in the Holy Land and settled in Rome. He became a Christian and is remembered for his defence of Christian belief and practice. He was martyred c.165.

Friday, 2nd June: Ss. Marcellinus and Peter, Roman clergy martyred under the Emperor Diocletian in 304.

Saturday, 3rd June: St Kevin, a native of Leinster, he grew up in Kilnamanagh where he received his early religious formation. Wishing to be a hermit, he crossed the mountains to Glendalough and settled at the foot of the upper lake. Others began to follow him and gradually the monastic settlement grew spreading through the glen after his death in 618.