Feast Days

Monday, 15th May, St. Carthage, was born into a rich Kerry family and, as he loved the chanting of the psalms, the local king arranged for him to become a priest. In 595 he founded his own monastery at Rahan. It grew rapidly. However, opposition made him move southwards around 637. Along with hundreds of monks and their patients from the leper colony, he finally arrived at Lismore, where he made a foundation. He died in 638.

Tuesday, 16th May, St Brendan, was a Kerryman who was born in 486. He studied at Clonard under Finnian. His name is connected with many places in Kerry such as Ardfert and Mount Brandon. He visited Scotland and reached the Hebrides and possibly areas beyond. He founded a monastery in Clonfert in 568 and died there in 578.

Thursday, 18th May, St John I, was the first Bishop of Rome to visit Constantinople. He was involved in Arian controversies and imprisoned at Ravenna, where he died in 526.

Saturday, 20th May, St. Bernardine of Siena, was born in 1380. As a young man he took charge of a hospital in Siena during a plague. Then he became a Franciscan, travelled through Italy, preaching with great success. He promoted devotion to the Holy Name and to St. Joseph. He died in 1444.