Here are the answers to some questions which have been asked about our new collection system:

  1. Where does the money the parish can claim back come from? Basically, it comes from the Revenue office out of the income tax you have already paid, and doesn’t cost you anything extra.
  2. If I give more than €250 in the year, will the parish get more back? Yes, indeed it will. We can claim the rebate on €250 or over. For example, €250 would give us €114 back, €300 would give us €135, €500 would give us €228 and so on. The rebate is more or less 45% of the donation.
  3. What about the station offerings? This year there is a space on the station envelopes for you to write your envelope number if you have one. This will let us record your station offerings along with your weekly contributions and increase the total amount we can claim back. The offering in the envelope goes directly to the support of the priests as usual, but all of the tax rebate goes directly to parish funds.
  4. If I don’t pay income tax, should I use the envelope system? In this case, the parish can’t claim anything back. You can use the envelope system if you wish to us to keep a record of your weekly contribution but, unfortunately, we can’t claim anything for it.
  5. Can I pay annually by cheque, or by standing order in the bank? Yes, you can. Please contact the parish office for more details.
  6. Can I just put money in the collection without getting involved in this new system? Of course you can. All contributions to our parish are most welcome. It’s just that if you were able to give €250 a year, which is just about €5 per week, and you pay income tax, the parish can get €114 from the taxman at no extra cost to you.