The procession will begin after the 12 noon Mass on Sunday June 19th in the churchyard and will walk around to the back wall of the church. It will stop there while the Blessed Sacrament will be carried through the new part of the cemetery. When the Blessed Sacrament returns the procession will proceed up the main avenue of the cemetery and exit by the top gate. It will then turn right down Rosary Place and turn left into the grounds of CBS Secondary school where a brief service of Benediction will take place, after which we will disperse. The order of the procession will be as follows:

  • Cross bearer
  • Group of First Communion children strewing petals
  • Blessed Sacrament and canopy
  • Other First Communion children with their families
  • General public

Please note: All First Communion children are asked to wear their first communion clothes and rosettes. All children taking part in the procession must be accompanied by a responsible adult. We encourage you to take part in the procession or to line the route at Rosary Place or gather at CBS. There will be limited seating available at the CBS. We also invite those living away from the route to display flags etc on the day to mark the occasion. Cars will not be allowed in the church grounds from after the 10am Mass until 1.30 on Sunday 19th June, except for those with a disability badge. Visits to the cemetery during that time will be on foot only.