Corpus Christi Procession – June 18th

The annual Eucharistic Procession takes place on Sunday, 18th June, immediately after 12 Noon Mass. There is no parking in the Church Grounds for the 12 noon Mass, except for cars with disabled badges.

Order of Procession:
Altar Servers with Cross
First Communion Girls (Strewing petals)
Blessed Sacrament with Canopy and Bearers
First Communion Boys, Midleton Concert Band and General Public.

The Blessed Sacrament will be taken at the head of The Procession, as always, up through The Cemetery, down St. Mary’s Road, through the Main Street, with prayers, readings, and Benediction in the Green.

We invite everybody who is able to walk in The Procession, to do so, not only to profess our faith, but to thank God for all the Blessings since last year and to help us cope with whatever ills may befall us, during this coming year.