Bible Corner

This weekend the Gospel passage is the ‘road to Emmaus’, when the risen Lord hides who he is from two of the disciples who are leaving Jerusalem on what we call Easter morning. They were talking about what had happened over the previous few days and when Jesus asked what are you talking about, they show their sadness and also their feeling that anyone who had been in Jerusalem should know what had happened. They tell him. They outline all that they believed in and hoped for in Jesus and all that the women told them about the empty tomb and the angels who had told them he was risen. But they are finding it difficult to get their heads around it all. Jesus goes on to explain the scriptures in relation to the Messiah and when they are at table he offers the bread, breaks the bread and gives it them at which point they recognise him — and he disappears! Through Scripture and Eucharist, on the first day of resurrection, Jesus teaches two disciples who he is and what everything he did actually means. We are nourished by Scripture and Eucharist when we join in the celebration of the Mass. We hear and receive the Lord. May we grow in our love for him and find peace and joy in what we experience.