Bible Corner

The front of today’s bulletin addresses the question of poverty and wealth and gives an explanation of the parable of the rich man and the poor man. The explanation sees us as being one of the five brothers and we are in this world still and can choose our way to as did Dives while he was on earth. He wanted Abraham to send the poor man, Lazarus, to his brothers — Abraham says they have Moses and the prophets. We have Abraham, Moses and the prophets to guide us but above all we have Jesus the teacher to guide us as he does in his teaching through parables, narratives and example. The parable finishes with Abraham saying to the rich man, ‘If they will not listen either to Moses or to the prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone should rise from the dead.’ That is the part of the reality of this world — the one who has risen is not being recognised by so many and some who have heard the Gospel have turned away from it because it challenges them in ways they do not wish to accept. There is a material poverty and a spiritual poverty and both need to be recognised and worked on so that the ‘five brothers’ can ‘aim to be saintly and religious, filled with faith and love, patient and gentle’. May we ‘fight the good fight of the faith’ loving God and our neighbour.