Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (18th – 25th January)

Theme: “Justice and only justice you shall pursue (Deut. 16: 18-20)”

The week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2019 has been prepared by Christians from Indonesia. With a population of 265 million, about 10 per cent of Indonesians are Christian from various traditions. There is a great diversity of ethnicity, language and religion.

There are also tensions affecting politics, business, justice, wealth and poverty. Christian communities in such an environment became newly aware of their unity as they join in a common concern and a common response to an unjust reality. At the same time, confronted by these injustices, we are obliged, as Christians, to examine the ways in which we are complicit. Only by heeding Jesus’ prayer “That they all may be one” can we witness to living unity in diversity. It is through our unity in Christ that we will be able to combat injustice and serve the needs of its victims.

Moved by these concerns, the Christians of Indonesia found that the words of Deuteronomy, “Justice and only justice you shall pursue” (see Deuteronomy 16: 18-20) spoke powerfully to their situation and needs.

As individual Christians and Communities we are called together to form a united witness for justice and to be a means of Christ’s healing grace for the brokenness of the world.