Safeguarding Children – Diocese of Cloyne

The Diocesan Safeguarding Children Committee have compiled the Procedures to be followed in the Diocese to implement the National Safeguarding Children Policy. These Procedures have been made available to the Priests of the Diocese at a Meeting of Priests on 12th May. They will become available to all on Updating and further Training will be given at a later date to Parish Safeguarding Representatives and Parish Committees. Under Legislation all who work with children or vulnerable adults have to be Garda Vetted. The Diocese has a policy of Garda vetting every five years for priests and all those working with children and vulnerable adults. It is important that Children and young people are involved in the life of the Church. Jesus reached out to children and the Church must continue to involve them in the life and worship of Christ. The Safeguarding Children Policy and the Procedures to implement this Policy is there to keep children safe and to ensure that they can and are involved in the Church in the Diocese of Cloyne.

The 7 Standards of Safeguarding Children Policy and Standards for the Catholic Church in Ireland 2016

Standard 1: Creating and Maintaining Safe Environments
Standard 2: Procedures for Responding to Child Protection suspicions, Concerns, Knowledge or Allegations.
Standard 3: Care and Support for the Complainant
Standard 4: Care and Management of the Respondent
Standard 5: Training and Support for Keeping Children Safe
Standard 6: Communicating the Church Safeguarding Message
Standard 7. Quality Assuring Compliance with the Standards Reporting

If a person knows, has a child protection concern, or wishes to report an allegation of child abuse directly to Church Authorities, contact the Designated Liaison Person 086 0368999 or contact the Garda or Tusla