New arrangements in Holy Rosary Church from 1st December 2020

When we return to Masses with a congregation, the number at any Mass should be no more than 50, or subgroups of no more than 50. These subgroups must be 4 metres apart. In order to comply with this guideline, the church will be divided into two sections, namely the front and back of the centre aisle. Each section will be able to accommodate a subgroup of 50. To fill those sections evenly, the following arrangements will apply at all weekend Masses once we reopen.

  • Everybody enters by the side door as we were doing previously.
  • The first 50 people will be directed to sit in the front section of the centre aisle.
  • After that, the next 50 will be directed to the back section of the centre aisle.
  • If both sections are full the stewards will inform you we have now reached the recommended limit in both parts of the church.

Each seat in use has three white dots marked on it which are two metres apart. Members of the same household may sit closer together. A household means people living in the same house or apartment.

If you are the first person into a seat please move in to the inside, as otherwise those coming later will have to pass by you to get in.

Communion will be distributed at the front for the front section and at the centre for the back section.

After Mass everyone will leave by the main doors.

Everybody in the church is asked to wear a face covering for the protection of those around them.

The above arrangements will be put in place when we reopen to bring us into closer compliance with the public health guidelines and to make our church a safer place for everyone. We thank you for your cooperation.

The obligation to attend Mass is still suspended until further notice.

Monsignor Jim Killeen, PP