Liturgical Information due to guidelines that are in place

Attendances at Weekday and Sunday Masses can be 100 if the ‘two hub’ system is put in place. If it is not, the number is 50. Implementing the system entails the hub in the top half of the Church being filled first and the back hub when that is full. Stewards will direct the flow. At communion time those in the front hub approach the altar keeping social distancing as you come forward and communion will be brought to the centre for the back hub again with social distancing as you approach. Masks should be worn even if you are vaccinated to give example to those who are not and to ensure everyone is safe. With both Funerals and Weddings, attendance remains at 50. All Masses are televised on Saorview and streamed on the Internet (accessed thought the parish website). First Holy Communions and Confirmation — due to the guidelines coming from the government the First Holy Communion and Confirmation ceremonies are not being celebrated in May and June. The reason for this is due to the problem of after-ceremony parties and gatherings. All parents of children due to receive these sacraments should have received notification in relation to this. In order to let families free to plan for the summer ahead, it has been decided that discussion on organising celebrations will take place in September.

With all of the above we must remember that the guidelines for safety have to be kept even if one is vaccinated. Example must be given to those not vaccinated yet and the quicker the vaccines are done, the quicker the return to near as normal as possible will be achieved. If we are to err, we should err in caution. Those attending liturgies should keep social distancing and wear a mask. Other sacraments have not been mentioned above. The reason for that is we need to discuss how and when they can safely return. The biggest concern in relation to them is what happens after the ceremonies. The danger of the after-party has to be kept in mind as does the fear of crowds in the churchyard during and after ceremonies, including funerals, that infringe the guidelines.

From Monday the weekday liturgy enters into Ordinary Tim:. Cycle 1, 8th week in Ordinary Time.