Fratelli tutti

The last time we looked at this document we finished at n.185 in chapter 5. The last paragraphs of chapter 5 are nn. 186-197. The two major headings are: ‘The Exercise of Political Love’ and ‘Fruitfulness over Results’. I think it is the first time I have ever come across the term ‘Political Love’ but Pope Francis sees the necessity for true politics, true governance being rooted in a sense of charity and love. His understanding of this shows well in the following lines:

n.190 “Political charity is also expressed in a spirit of openness to everyone. Government leaders should be the first to make the sacrifices that foster encounter and to seek convergence on at least some issues. They should be ready to listen to other points of view and to make room for everyone. Through sacrifice and patience, they can help to create a beautiful polyhedral (many sided) reality in which everyone has a place. Here, economic negotiations do not work. Something else is required: an exchange of gifts for the common good. It may seem naive and utopian, yet we cannot renounce this lofty aim.

191. At a time when various forms of fundamentalist intolerance are damaging relationships between individuals, groups and peoples, let us be committed to living and teaching the value of respect for others, a love capable of welcoming differences, and the priority of the dignity of every human being over his or her ideas, opinions, practices and even sins. Even as forms of fanaticism, closedmindedness and social and cultural fragmentation proliferate in present-day society, a good politician will take the first step and insist that different voices be heard”.