Feast days this week

Monday 9th, Feast of the Basilica of St. John Lateran — the Pope’s Cathedral and known as the Mother of all Churches. Tuesday 10th St Leo the Great, died in 461, taught the two natures, divine and human, of Christ; Wednesday 11th, St. Martin of Tours (died 397) Patron of France, soldiers, beggars and innkeepers.; Thursday 12th, St Josaphat, worked for the reunion of Ukrainian Catholics and was martyred in 1623; Saturday, 14th, St. Lawrence O’ Toole, Entered Glendalough as a monk becoming abbot in 1148. In 1162 was chosen as the first native to be Archbishop of Dublin. Worked on reform within the Church and in 1180 while on a mission of mediation with Henry II and the Irish rulers he died in Eu, Normandy.