Feast days this week

Sunday, October 25th: Blessed Thaddeus MacCarthy: was born in 1455. His appointment as Bishop of Ross was opposed so Pope Innocent VIII then appointed him as Bishop of Cloyne and Cork. He set out as a humble pilgrim to Rome where he was confirmed as Bishop of Cloyne and Ross but on his return journey he died in Ivrea, Northern Italy in 1492.

Wednesday, October 28th, Saints Simon and Jude, the Apostles. St. Jude is recognised as the Patron Saint of Hopeless Cases.

Saturday, October 31st, Blessed Dominic Collins, one of the Irish Martyrs, was born around 1566 in Youghal. In 1598, after a military career, he entered the Society of Jesus as a Brother. He returned to Ireland in 1601, but on the 17th June 1602 he was captured by the English who tried in vain to make him renounce his faith. Condemned to death, he was hanged in Youghal on 31st October 1602. (from Liturgical Calendar for Ireland 2020)