Feast Days during the week

Wednesday 21st, St. Anselm, bishop and doctor of the Church. From Lombardy, he joined the monastic school at Bec in Normandy in 1059 under the direction of Lanfranc whom he succeeded as Archbishop of Canterbury. He was exiled twice and died in 1109. Considered a doctor of the Church because of his writings. He is probably best known for his philosophical definition of God.

Friday 23rd, St. George, martyr, was venerated as a soldier saint at Lydda in the Holy Land where he was martyred around the year 300. Patron saint of England. St. Adalbert, born 956. Was bishop of Prague and then headed off as a missionary among the Prussians on the Polish coast where he was martyred in 997.

Saturday 24th, St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen, (1578-1622). A Capuchin who preached to the Calvinists in Switzerland where he was killed by a group of extremists.