Confirmation and Holy Communion for the First Time

Last May, all parents of first communion children were contacted and told that nothing would happen until September at least and that they would be contacted through the primary schools. when dates were arranged. This remains the case, and progress will depend on a number of factors, including government advice. As soon as dates are set everybody will be told at the same time.

As regards confirmation, and as communicated to families last May, once we are ready to accept applications the relevant information will be made available in our parish bulletin, announcements at Mass, and parish website and Facebook page.

Parents are asked NOT to contact the school, the priests of the parish, or the parish office asking about dates, as the information will be given to you as soon as it is available. Don’t contact us, we will contact you when we are ready.

Monsignor Jim Killeen, Parish Priest

Details in relation to the ‘roadmap’ announced by the government on the 31 August and what effects it has on the parish will be available next week.